REVIEW Sleep Wanted: Why I Chose the Tuft & Needle Mattress

Genealogy author and educator Thomas MacEntee reviews the Tuft & Needle mattress – this marvel ordered online has helped him tackle his sleeping issues!

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So you may be wondering . . . what does sleep and a new mattress have to do with genealogy? Well, let me tell you, this genealogist has suffered through years of sleep deprivation and issues due to various causes. Over the past few years I’ve worked on tackling many of these causes (such as losing over 110 lbs) and recently in June 2017, I tackled another: getting a better mattress. I had heard friends and family talk about different online mattress vendors and I didn’t believe that making a major bedding purchase this way would work. But it did and I opted to get a Tuft & Needle mattress via Amazon. Here’s my experience:

Death to the Mattress Store

I HATE shopping for a mattress and as I get older, I just hate shopping in-person. Period. [Insert “cranky old man, get off my front lawn” comment]. My husband George and I purchase almost everything we need on Amazon (cereal, tea, coffee, shampoo, and clothing). We get so many deliveries from Amazon via UPS that one week when we had nothing delivered the UPS man did a “wellness check” on us. For realz.

Mattress stores seem to spawn overnight on every street corner here in Chicago. To me, they are just one step above used car lots. The process of making a purchase is a nightmare and I’ve always felt “dirty” just walking in the showroom.

And what about those prices and so-called “deals” you see in the paper or during television commercials? It seems that the model in the ad is never available or that each store seems to have its own special model of a known mattress brand so it isn’t easy to compare.

And finally, one of the shady practices is not accepting returns very easily. If you read the contract that a mattress store has you sign, there are many hoops you need to jump through: you have to have a certain type of frame and forget it if you try to just get the mattress and use your own box spring. The mattress stores have set themselves up to never fail at the expense of the consumer.

My favorite Tuft & Needle commercial:

A Better Mattress Buying Process

Over the past few years, one of the industries that have gone through major “disruption” is the mattress industry. I was very hesitant when I started seeing ads online for basically “mail order” bedding. And we’re not talking a process where you buy a mattress at say and then have it delivered with “white glove service” at an extra charge. We are talking ordering a mattress – sight unseen – on Amazon and having it delivered via UPS or Fedex.

Could this really work? What if I didn’t like the mattress? Why didn’t I need a box spring? Would the mattress work with my current bed frame? I had lots of questions and I was able to get all the answers I needed either on the Tuft & Needle website or at their page on Amazon.

Well, imagine ordering the mattress you want, having it delivered for FREE (thanks to Amazon Prime) in just two days, and getting a great night’s sleep within another two days?

Here’s How My Tuft & Needle Experience Unfolded

It literally unfolded. The package with my Tuft & Needle Full mattress was delivered via Fedex to my doorstep and it weighed 57 pounds. After I dragged it up two flights of stairs, it was removed from the packaging. I followed the instructions to let the mattress “come alive” once the vacuum package was opened. The recommendation is to wait 48 hours before using the Tuft & Needle mattress so that it can fully come into its own form. After that, it was easily to lift and place into my new bed frame/foundation.

And My Sleep Results with Tuft & Needle?

I couldn’t be happier with this amazing mattress. It is firm in all the right places. It is comfortable and fully supportive. While I know it won’t cure my arthritis, I am not in as much pain when I get out of bed each morning. And no more “coil noise” with this memory foam mattress.

I’m now looking at purchasing another Tuft & Needle mattress for the other bedroom and even for the condo in Palm Springs.

Recommendation: Zinus SmartBase Mattress Foundation

Recommendation: Zinus SmartBase Mattress Foundation

As part of the ordering process via Amazon, I determined that my current bed frame – while it would have accommodated my new Tuft & Needle mattress, was too low to the ground. Without a conventional bed spring I would have had difficulty getting out of bed (due to severe osteo-arthritis). I shopped around at Amazon and I purchased the Zinus SmartBase Mattress Foundation for $79 and had it also delivered for free via Amazon Prime.

The frame was so easy to set up (it folds – nothing to screw together!) and it sits 14 inches off the ground. This means I get to store more crap under the bed! It is the perfect companion to the Tuft & Needle mattress and I highly recommend making this purchase along with the mattress.

Why I am Impressed with Tuft & Needle

I’m very impressed with Tuft & Needle as a company and with their product. And check out this recent review at Consumer Reports. This was the first mention of Tuft & Needle when I was researching online and the information led me to do some more research and ultimately make my Tuft & Needle purchase via Amazon.

Other things that impressed me about Tuft & Needle:

  • Returns are easy and guaranteed via Amazon for the first 100 nights’ sleep.
  • The company has ethics and provides great customer service: one woman recounted via an Amazon review how she needed more time to test the mattress (she and her husband traveled a lot) and ultimately they were not happy with it. Tuft & Needle said, “no problem” and had the woman donate the mattress to the local Salvation Army. Once she sent Tuft & Needle the receipt for the donation, she got a full refund. Now how’s that for customer service?
  • All Tuft & Needle products are made in the United States.
  • They even offer an 18% discount at Amazon if you feel comfortable purchasing returned Tuft & Needle mattresses. Click here for more information.


For someone in the late Baby Boomer generation (born in 1962), I tend to be torn between traditional methods of doing something and taking a chance on a new process. I’m glad I was willing to try out the Tuft & Needle mattress on Amazon and I will NEVER go back to purchasing a mattress through a furniture store or one of those horrid mattress stores.

Now if there were only an online solution to getting rid of an old mattress and box spring. Perhaps the folks at Tuft & Needle can come up with a solution?

Click HERE to purchase your own Tuft & Needle Mattress via Amazon. Right now the price is $550 which is a $50 savings from purchasing direct from Tuft & Needle.


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