2020 Legacy Family Tree Webinar Series announced – Over 100 NEW CLASSES!

Over 100 Classes on DNA, Genealogy and Family History from Legacy Family Tree Webinars in 2020 - PLUS NEW TECH ZONE VIDEOS!

Over 100 Classes on DNA, Genealogy and Family History from Legacy Family Tree Webinars in 2020 – PLUS NEW TECH ZONE VIDEOS!

Over 100 Classes on DNA, Genealogy and Family History from Legacy Family Tree Webinars in 2020 - PLUS NEW TECH ZONE VIDEOS!

MyHeritage and FamilyTreeWebinars.com are pleased to announce that registration is now open for its 2020 Legacy Family Tree Webinars series, now in its 10th year. Choose from 100 classes from genealogy’s leading educators on topics ranging from Australia to England to Spain, from Snagit to Virtual Private Networks, from the Mayflower to the 1939 Register, and from DNA Painter to endogamy.

NEW! TechZone Videos

In addition to the live webinars, the new TechZone–a library of 40 brand new tech video that are all 10-minutes-or-less–is now available. New videos will be released every Friday on all sorts of topics: Google, Excel, browser tips, mobile apps, Windows shortcuts, using Evernote, Facebook, chromosome browsers, using and improving your family videos and photos, and so much more. The TechZone is a new membership benefit where webinar members have free, anytime, unlimited access. Watch this video to get a taste of what’s available:


BCG Webinar Series

We are proud to once again host the monthly webinar series for the Board for Certification of Genealogists where we will learn from the likes of Tom Jones, David Ouimette, Warren Bittner, Rebecca Koford, and eight other board-certified genealogists. See the press release here.

MyHeritage Webinar Series

And for the third year – we will be the host of the exclusive webinar series, MyHeritage Webinars, where we will learn about the upcoming Ethnicity Estimates, matching technology, chart creation, city directories and much more. VIEW DETAILS

Down Under Series

The Down Under series which we launched last year has been so popular that we’ve decided to do it again in 2020! This series of webinars is designed for genealogists in Australia and New Zealand – at 12pm (noon) on Wednesdays (Sydney time). They’ll have their very own Webinar Wednesday with convenient timing. VIEW DETAILS

International Languages

Once again, we will host live webinars in foreign languages: Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Norwegian, Spanish and Swedish.

Closed Captioning

Every webinar recording will be captioned for the hearing impaired (English language webinars only). We really are striving to serve the entire world!

Sign Up for One, Several or All of the 2020 Legacy Family Tree Webinars

Sign up (it’s FREE!) for one or for all of them today and you will receive a reminder email both one day and two hours prior to the live event.

Register NOW for the 2019 Legacy Family Tree Webinar Series!

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All live webinars are free and their recordings are free to watch for the first seven (7) days. But with a subscription to FamilyTreeWebinars.com you get these additional benefits:

  • Access to 1) all the existing 1,128 classes in the library (1,377 hours of quality genealogy education), 2) plus the 100 webinars that will be added during the 2020 season, 3) plus any additional bonus subscribers-only webinars (hundreds of these so far), 4) plus the TechZone–all available for the duration of your membership
  • Access to all 4,657 pages of instructors’ handouts plus the new handouts of the 2020 season
  • Chat logs from the live webinars
  • Chance for a bonus subscribers-only door prize during each live webinar
  • Additional members-only BONUS webinars
  • Playlist, resume watching, and jump-to features

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Visit http://legacy.familytreewebinars.com/?aid=4438 for more information.

Legacy Family Tree Webinars Brochure

Print the webinar brochure to share with your friends, genealogy society, or Family History Center. VIEW DETAILS

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