Write Your Family History Book – A Summer Genealogy Project

Genealogy author and educator Thomas MacEntee embarks on a summer family history book project - and recommends The Write Stuff to jump start your writing!

Your genealogy doesn’t need to take a vacation over the summer . . . here’s a family history book project that will pay HUGE dividends later this year!

I woke up today and realized it was the first day of Summer (at least here in the Northern Hemisphere) and one of my favorite seasons here in Chicago. I don’t have much scheduled in terms of in-person or virtual speaking engagements and “the livin’ will be easy,” as the song says.

However, here is one project I am working on: finally writing up some of my years of genealogy research and producing a family history book! How many times have you set this as a goal or told yourself, “I want to get my family history book done!”

Start This Summer for Holiday Gift Giving

Maybe you can relate to this situation: around November each year I see a friend post on Facebook about the family history book they just finished. They’re excited because they’ll be using it as a gift for family members over the holidays. And what do I say to myself? “I want to do THAT!” And I get dismayed because there is NO WAY I can get a decent book done in time for Christmas! Or for Valentine’s Day, or Mother’s Day, or Father’s Day . . . you get it.

See the image below? Kathy Nielsen finally wrote up part of her family history in a book called The Journey. She is shown at SCGS Jamboree 2018 this past February with Lisa Alzo, creator and instructor for The Write Stuff, an online writing skill-building course for genealogists and family historians. Kathy was able to produce her book thanks to the knowledge she gained by working with Lisa. (Scroll down and learn how you can be a part of The Write Stuff this summer and SAVE 30%!)

Indie author and The Write Stuff graduate Kathy Nielsen shows off her family history book The Journey to mentor and writing expert Lisa Alzo, at RootsTech 2018, February 2018

Here’s Why I Keep Putting My Family History Book Off

I can procrastinate I’ll admit. But here are some reasons why my family history book never gets done (and I bet you can relate):

  • I’m still doing genealogy research.
  • I have so much research and the book will take forever.
  • I’m not organized and I have photos to scan, interviews to conduct, etc.
  • I’m not good a writing.

Okay, the last bullet point I put in for YOU since many of my followers doubt they have the skills or ability to write a short paragraph let alone an entire book. Here is a bold statement that Lisa Alzo uses in The Write Stuff:

You can’t edit a blank page.

WORD! Right? Stop making excuses for not getting that family history book done. The truth is that you can take a small segment of your research and create a short book. I think I may start with an ancestor sketch for my great-grandfather John Ralph Austin since I have photos, I have research, and I remember him from my childhood. See how easy that was? And now I have a great summer project that I know will produce a book by the holidays.

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“But I Can’t Write” Is NOT an Excuse! The Write Stuff to the Rescue

A few years ago I worked with Lisa Alzo to help develop The Write Stuff as a sort of “genealogy intensive” to help solve the problem of poor writing skills. My belief is that many of us can actually produce quality writing, we just need help from an expert to get organized, to get on a path of constant writing, and to understand how non-fiction writing works. Lisa is a degree-holding professional in the field of non-fiction writing and has produced award winning books about her own family history. I can tell you that over the year of working with Lisa on The Write Stuff, I’ve seen hundreds of people build solid writing skills and go on to create amazing blogs, articles and books about their family history!

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