Work With Me

Thomas MacEntee is available for consulting in many aspects of the genealogy and family history industry including lectures, webinars, mentoring and more.

Here is a list of skills and services I currently offer:

  • Speaking and Lecturing: Each year I travel all over the world presenting on over 50 different genealogy-related topics. While my focus is mainly technology, I cover a variety of areas and I’d love to speak at your organization’s event! Click here for a list of currently available lecture topics.
  • Education: Sometimes known as “The King of Genealogy Webinars,” I can often be found presenting online education in a variety of formats. Webinars are a cost-effective and convenient way for your organization to share my knowledge with your members. Prices start at just $100 per webinar!
  • Self-Publishing: As the author of 15 genealogy books and editor of over 100 books and guides, I can help walk you through the self-publishing process. In addition, I offer editing and production services without any upfront fees; I’m willing to take a small royalty and then help promote your book so we both succeed!
  • Marketing: I’ve been successful in combining social media platforms and practices with good old fashioned marketing skills to promote my business. Now let me use these abilities to promote you, your business or your organization within the genealogy community.
  • Networking: “Telephone, telegraph, tell Thomas” is a phrase some people use to describe my ability to connect the right people together in the genealogy industry. You may just need contact info or you may want some background on a genealogy vendor and their services. Contact me and I’ll help get you connected.
  • Market Analysis: I am one of the few people in the genealogy industry who tracks new products and services, user and subscriber data, and more. In addition, I track the “habits” of genealogists including purchasing decisions, what attracts and repels them, and more. If you have a product that you feel will do well with family historians, I can help you understand the landscape of the genealogy market.
  • Coaching and Mentoring: I wish I had time and money to provide free coaching to those who want to start their own genealogy business, and I would if I could! I am available to give you an inside look at my success, what I wouldn’t do again, and offer inspiration to carve out your niche in the family history industry.
  • Entrepreneurship: I’m always open to new opportunities. I can usually invest time, skill and build sweat equity rather than outright funding. You never know what might happen so contact me!

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