UPDATE: Broken Links for The Genealogy Do-Over Resources

Currently many of The Genealogy Do-Over links to resources are inoperable. Here is a plan of action to restore full functionality to all resource links.

Here is an important update that impacts members of The Genealogy Do-Over as well as those who have purchased any of The Genealogy Do-Over Workbook formats (in print, PDF and Amazon Kindle formats).

Geneabloggers Transition: Impact on The Genealogy Do-Over

When The Genealogy Do-Over began in January 2015, all of the resources were stored on the servers utilized by the GeneaBloggers website. In 2017, I made a business decision to focus more on genealogy education and affiliate marketing. As part of that business plan, I relinquished the Geneabloggers.com domain to a group of genealogy bloggers who were willing to continue the mission of GeneaBloggers.

The transition was finalized at the end of December 2017 and during the first week of January 2018, many of the links for The Genealogy Do-Over resources became inoperable. I take full responsibility for this inconvenience. Please understand that while I had planned to transition the resources over to my Abundant Genealogy site, life seemed to get in the way (family, holidays, health, etc.)

Folks who know me will tell you that I always work to make things right. I always want anyone who uses my genealogy knowledge to be 100% satisfied, whether the resource is free or something purchased. This is about more than just money: your time and energy as a follower is valuable and I need to honor and respect that.

Plan of Action: Correcting The Genealogy Do-Over Links

So here is what I plan to do and hopefully accomplish no later than Friday, January 12th, 2018:

  • Create resources at https://abundantgenealogy.com using the same URL syntax as used when the resources were stored at Geneabloggers. This way users can simply substitute the term “abundantgenealogy” for “geneabloggers” and access content.
  • Review posts in the Facebook Group that refer to resources on geneabloggers.com and update with the new resource links.
  • Republish the print, PDF and Amazon Kindle versions of The Genealogy Do-Over Workbook.
  • Work with the new administrators of the GeneaBloggers site to set up a forwarding mechanism for The Genealogy Do-Over links through URL redirection.

And since I’m all about effectively communicating change, I will make sure that I post updates at the Facebook group and send an update email to The Genealogy Do-Over mailing list.

My Goal: 100% Responsibility and 110% Satisfaction

While the above plan is ambitious, I know I can get it done and will work to do so ASAP. In addition, I ask that anyone who has recently purchased The Genealogy Do-Over Workbook to have patience and wait a few days while I try to get the original links working again. However, if at any time you are unhappy with your purchase, I will work with you to refund your money.

Thanks for listening and thanks for your patience as well as your confidence in me and The Genealogy Do-Over concept. I know that by working together we can all improve our genealogy research methodology and leave a meaningful family history legacy for future generations.


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Genealogy educator and author Thomas MacEntee has been researching his family history for more than 40 years and is the creator of Abundant Genealogy, Genealogy Bargains, DNA Bargains, The Genealogy Do-Over and numerous other web-based genealogy and family history properties.

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  1. Thank you, Thomas. I emailed you about the broken links in the book I received for Christmas. With your proposed fixes, I think it likely that I can interlineate my book with the new links.

  2. Oh yay! I was just wondering my my links didn’t work in the book! Thank you!

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