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Check Out These Popular Expert Videos

Family Tree Magazine Cloud Technology Preservation & Organization Expert Video
iconCloud Technology: Preservation and Organization: You’ve heard about the “cloud” in computing, but what does it mean and how can you use it for your genealogy? Let an engineer and genealogist explain the latest in cloud services and walk you through using one of the most popular, Dropbox, to preserve and organize your family history. Go beyond simply backing up your files in the cloud and learn how to safely share files and collaborate with cousins. Regularly $39.99, now just $23.99 – click HERE to shop

Family Tree Magazine Things to Purge and Save Expert Video

Things to Purge and Save: Don’t be a family history hoarder—but don’t toss genealogy treasures by mistake. Family Tree Magazine’s Family Archivist columnist Denise Levenick explains how to tell the difference. You’ll see why you might be hanging onto family history excess, how to handle an archival inheritance, and how to create a “watch list” for essential info. Develop a plan to future-proof your genealogy and deal with research clutter. Regularly $39.99, now just $23.99 – click HERE to shop

Family Tree Magazine 5 Fast Photo Fixes Expert Video

5 Fast Photo Fixes: Can that old photo be saved? Thanks to state-of-the-art scanners and free photo-editing websites, the answer is often yes! Let expert Nancy Hendrickson show you how to become a scanning master, what tools you need, and five fast fixes for even the most hopeless-looking family photos. You’ll also learn the most important rule of working with old photos, before you make changes that can’t be undone. Regularly $39.99, now just $23.99 – click HERE to shop

Family Tree Magazine DNA Demystified Expert Video

DNA Demystified: Interested in exploring DNA testing for genealogy but confused by the technical buzzwords? Have your test results but wonder how it actually applies to your family history? Our DNA expert will sort out the differences between X-DNA and mitochondrial DNA, explain admixture and phasing, and guide you through the mysteries of haplogroups, chromosome maps, SNPs, and more. Regularly $39.99, now just $23.99 – click HERE to shop

Family Tree Magazine Which Test Is Best Expert Video

Which Test is Best?: How do the “big four”; DNA testing services—23andMe, AncestryDNA, FamilyTreeDNA and MyHeritage—compare and which is right for your genealogy research? Explore what each offers, how much their testing costs, and what the results look like. Check out examples of actual results from each competing testing service before you commit with your DNA and your credit card. Regularly $39.99, now just $23.99 – click HERE to shop

Family Tree Magazine Who's Got What Expert Video

Who’s Got What? Comparing Records at the Giant Genealogy Websites: In this day and age, the internet is the first place we go to find records of our ancestors. But when it comes to knowing just which site to search for specific records, it can be a lot of trial and error. Learn all about what the four biggest genealogy websites contain in this hour-long presentation. Regularly $49.99, now just $29.99 – click HERE to shop

Family Tree Magazine Conquering the Chaos Expert Video

Conquering the Chaos: Organizing Your Genealogy Materials: Do you have stacks of papers, files, certificates, census copies, and other items around your home? You can conquer this dilemma and learn genealogy organization tips for regularly keeping your clutter under control, with both paper and software. No one can promise perfection, but this session will share many ideas to get you on your way, including tips from some professional genealogists. We’ll even discuss some “lazy day” methods to keep you on top of your filing. Regularly $49.99, now just $29.99 – click HERE to shop

Family Tree Magazine Applying Old Maps to Family History Expert Video

Applying Old Maps to Your Family History: Maps are for more than navigation and when it comes to your genealogy research, old maps can lead you to some real family treasure. If you want to explore the various types of maps that exist, and how they can be used to enhance your knowledge of your ancestors, this live class will provide you with the tools and techniques you need. Regularly $49.99, now just $29.99 – click HERE to shop

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