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Ready to overcome the challenges of finding your Irish ancestors? This 4-week online course will help you trace your ancestors through key resources and record groups, along with the research techniques that will be critical to your success.

Are you having trouble finding records for your ancestors in Ireland? You’re not alone. Irish genealogy research is challenging in large part thanks to a catastrophic fire in 1922 at the Public Records Office as a result of the Irish civil war. While the buildings themselves have been restored, centuries of records were not so lucky. However, you shouldn’t throw in the towel just yet. Not all records perished in the fire, and there are still Irish records being digitized and added online all the time. Finding your ancestors’ Irish records isn’t impossible; it just takes a bit of skill and elbow grease.

If you can trace your ancestor back to Ireland, this course can provide you with the skills to find their records. Led by Irish genealogy expert Sharon Carmack, these four lessons will help you flesh out more about your ancestors’ lives prior to leaving Ireland by introducing you to the tools and resources necessary for recreating your ancestors’ paths. From census records to civil registrations, the Griffiths Valuation records to an abundance of church records, there are plenty of resources you can still access to find your ancestors.

In Irish Research 201, you’ll dig deeper into Irish Genealogy Research, learning:

How to place your ancestors within the context of Ireland’s history and civil infrastructure to create a genealogical research plan
How to use three key record groups (censuses, civil registrations, and church records) to find out more about your ancestors
How to use land records, including Griffith’s Valuation, a key resource in Irish research, to determine exactly where your ancestors lived.
Which Irish research techniques and tools are critical to your success in finding out more about your ancestors’ lives

Please Note: This course covers Irish records from the Famine Period forward, and does not cover Scots-Irish ancestry. In order to get the most out of the course, you’ll need to know the name of the county in Ireland from which your ancestors came, and preferably the townland.

How it Works

Our 4-week courses don’t require you to log on at a certain time of day to access the materials. From the course start date, you’ll be able to log in to view and download your lessons and start interacting on the discussion boards. Your instructor will check regularly to answer all of the questions and provide feedback.

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