Update: They Still Don’t Understand Copyright Law

In the continuing saga of misappropriating user content from Find A Grave: they still don't understand the basics of copyright laws.

Copyright Violations by Continue . . . with a Twist

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Please see my original post Many Genealogists and Family Historians Report Copyright Violations by dated September 25th, 2018, to get up to speed on the issues.

Some good news: the photos from Find A Grave users that have been posted at the site no longer carry the watermark!

Some bad news: there’s a new watermark and a feeble attempt at attribution for the same photos at

New Watermark on Photo of My Grandmother’s Gravestone at

Here is what I found recently in accessing the page for my grandmother Anna Austin:

Anna Austin gravestone image at with "Wiki Heritage" watermark

So the old watermark is gone, and a simple watermark with “Wiki Heritage” is located in the lower right-hand corner on the image. There is no indication as to why Wiki Heritage has been used.

A search of Internet resources for Wiki Heritage (including .com, .net, and .org sites) leads to domain name squatting with no real website.

Attribution Does Not Absolve One of Copyright Infringement

If you look at the full page at for Anna Austin, you will now see an attribution to the copyright holder of the original photo on the Find A Grave site:

Anna Austin full page at with photo attribution

Such attribution DOES NOT mean that hasn’t violated the copyright of the owner of the original image. Permission is still required, at least under US copyright law.

A Curious Use of the #wikiheritage Hashtag on Twitter

A search of the term Wiki Heritage as a hashtag – #wikiheritage – on social media turns up this curious posting at Twitter by the RIP Find A Grave account:

A search of the term Wiki Heritage as a hashtag - #wikiheritage - on social media turns up this curious posting at Twitter by the RIP Find A Grave account

This post was made on September 28th, around the time removed their old watermark. The R.I.P. Find A Grave account at Twitter appears to be managed by the same person or group behind the Save Find a Grave “Classic” page at Facebook.

I still don’t believe the rumors that users of Find A Grave unhappy with the “new format” for the website are behind the site. But I just thought that posting the term “wikiheritage” on social media with no explanation was curious. What does it mean?


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