New Year’s Resolution: Write Your Life Story #52Stories

Start writing your personal history with FamilySearch #52Stories - a weekly initiative to get family historians to preserve their family stories

[Editor’s Note: We just received this press release from FamilySearch about #52Stories, their new family story preservation initiative. ]

FEATURE ARTICLE SUMMARY (1 January 2018)–A popular new year’s resolution is to write your personal life story or family history. There’s something about the swift passing of the previous year and the fresh dawning of the new year that makes us reflect on where the time has gone and the experiences that have led us to the present. For some of us, we feel this mooring inside of us urging us to capture the highlights of our travails in life. (Read or share the full feature article from the FamilySearch Newsroom)

What’s that you say? Write my life story? No one would be interested in your story? Hogwash! No doubt your parents, grandparents, and your great-grandparents likewise thought they were ordinary, boring, blah-blah people that no one would be interested in reading about. But what would you or I give today to have a personal history of them, written about them, and by them?! Be real. You need to start writing your personal history, and FamilySearch #52Stories makes it easy to do.

No One Is Ordinary, Really

You see, each of us is a unique living story that needs to be told. What you deem as mundane daily life for you today will one day be a great family treasure to your posterity. It will help them to stay connected with you, your personality, across generations long after you graduate from this mortality. (Does this remind you of Disney Pixar’s Coco? Nonetheless, it’s true.) What was life like in your youth? Who were your best friends? Your favorite meals? Hobbies? Did you have chores? Heartaches? Pet peeves? Triumphs?

You see, each life story is comprised of many individual memories, experiences, and stories which, when accumulated, tell the interesting journeys of each of us. When compiled, these happenings become a priceless legacy. And who better to tell our own stories than us? And if you don’t capture them, no one will. But the hardest thing is knowing what to write.

One Question a Week

What if you only had to answer one question per week—and you got to select the question? It doesn’t matter if you write a few paragraphs, a single page, or several. Hey, it’s your memory and your story. You tell it the way you recall it or want it to be remembered.

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