New Records Available To Search This Findmypast Friday, September 29, 2017

Over 2 million new military records this week at Findmypast

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There are over 3. 2 million new records and newspaper articles available to search this FindmypastFriday, including:

Connecticut Baptisms, 1600s-1800s

Connecticut Baptisms contains over 41,000 records covering the towns of Coventry, East Hampton, Mansfield, New Haven, Norfolk, Norwich, Simsbury, Windsor, and Woodstock. Each record includes a transcripts that will reveal your ancestor’s birth year, baptism place, baptism date and parent’s names.

Connecticut Church Records, 1600s-1800s

Explore over 1000 assorted church records including admissions, communicants and removals covering East Hampton Congregational Church, Norfolk Church of Christ, Miscellaneous records from Coventry, Miscellaneous and removal records from Norwich, Admission records from Simsbury and Removals from Woodstock.

Connecticut Burials, 1600s-1800s

Connecticut Burials contains over 17,000 transcripts of original burial registers covering the towns of Coventry, East Hampton, Norfolk, Norwich, Simsbury, and Woodstock. Transcripts will reveal the year ancestor was buried, where they were laid to rest and their father’s first name.

Warwickshire Parish Registers Browse

Browse through the Warwickshire County Record Office’s collection of original parish registers. The collection covers baptisms, banns, marriages, burials and allows you browse through individual volumes in their entirety.

United States Marriages

Over 95,000 new records have just been added to our collection of United States Marriage records. Released in partnership with FamilySearch international, these latest additions mark the latest phase of efforts to create the single largest online collection of U.S. marriage records in history. Covering 360 years of marriages from 1650 to 2010, when complete this landmark collection will contain at least 100 million records and more than 450 million names from 2,800 counties across America.

Warwickshire Baptisms

Over 1.1 million additional records have been added to our collection of Warwickshire Baptisms. The collection contains records from a variety of sources and many will include a scanned images of the original document. Transcripts that include an image were created by Findmypast with images that were provided courtesy of the Warwickshire County Record Office. Records that only provide a transcript have been provided by the Rugby Family History Society, Birmingham & Midland Society for Genealogy & Heraldry, and FamilySearch International’s Genealogical Index. Records will reveal your ancestor’s birth year, baptism date, baptism place, parent’s names, father’s occupation and residence. In some cases, images may contains additional remarks not found in the transcripts.

Warwickshire Banns

Over 265,000 new records have been added to Warwickshire Banns. Banns were announcements made in the church on three separate Sundays during the three months leading up to the wedding day. The records will reveal your ancestor’s age, residence, banns date, marriage year, location, the name of their spouse and spouse’s residence. Images of original documents will display all three banns dates and, in some cases, you may find additional details.

Warwickshire Marriages

Over 527,000 records have been added to our collection of Warwickshire Marriages. Search these records to discover your ancestor’s wedding date, father’s name, father’s occupation, corresponding details for their spouse and the names of those who witnessed the marriage. The collection can be searched by spouse or marriage date, which can be particularly useful if you are searching for lesser-known ancestors.

Warwickshire Burials

Over 725,000 records have been added to our collection of Warwickshire Burials. Each record includes a transcript of the original burial registry or details from the monumental inscription and a number will include an image of the original document. Records will vary depending on their source and date, but most will include a combination of your ancestor’s name, birth year, death date, burial place, residence, the names of their parents and the inscription on the headstone.

Irish Newspapers

Over 144,000 articles and one brand new title, the Portadown Times, have recently been added to our collection of historic British newspapers. Portadown is a town situated in County Armagh, Northern Ireland and can trace its origins back to the early 17th century Plantation of Ulster.


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