New Records Available To Search This Findmypast Friday, April 20, 2018

Over 1 million new records from Findmypast this week including British Army Officers' Widows' Pension Forms 1755-1908 and updated British Newspapers! Get them this Friday, April 20, 2018 at Findmypast

Over 1 million new records available to search this Findmypast Friday

There are over 1.1 million new records and newspaper articles available to search this Findmypast Friday, including:

British Army Officers’ Widows’ Pension Forms 1755-1908

Indexed online for the first time, British Army Officers’ Widows’ Pension Forms 1755 – 1908, spans more than 150 years of British military history and contains over 13,000 transcripts and scanned images taken from The National Archives series “WO 42: War Office: Officers’ Birth Certificates, Wills and Personal Papers”. The collection consists of bundles of original documents submitted in support of pension claims made by the widows of British Army officers. It covers the families of officers who died in service or on half pay as well as compassionate allowances awarded to the children of both deceased and disabled officers.

These bundles include a variety of original army forms and supporting documents including original application forms completed by widows, marriage and death details of the officers in question, as well as death certificates, marriage certificates, birth certificates and baptismal records for their wives and children.

Somerset Registers & Records

There are four titles included in this collection. These publications may provide you with details of your ancestor’s birth, marriage, or burial. Bishop’s transcripts, parish registers, and monumental inscriptions are included and provide dates, names, and places of vital events. The four titles currently available to search include:

  • Dwelly’s Parish Records Vols I & II – Bishop’s Transcripts from Wells Diocesan Registry, published 1914
  • Parish Registers of Chipstable, Raddington, Kittisford & Pitcombe in Dwelly’s Parish Records, 1538-1837
  • Parish Register of Wilton, 1558-1837
  • Wells Cathedral Monumental Inscriptions and Heraldry, published 1892

Rutland Registers & Records

Explore 180 pages of the Registers of North Luffenham, 1565-1832, to uncover baptisms, marriages, burials and monumental inscriptions. North Luffenham is a village in the landlocked county of Rutland. Based on cemetery findings, the village dates back to the 5th century. In addition to the registers containing baptisms, marriages, and burials, there are also monumental inscriptions included towards the end of this publication.

Northumberland Registers & Records

Explore registers and records from the English county of Northumberland. Discover your ancestor in parish registers, and learn when and where your ancestor’s baptism, marriage, or burial took place. This collection currently comprises five publications:

  • Early Deeds Relating to Newcastle Upon Tyne, 1100-1600
  • Parish Registers of Alnham, Ceadnell, Chatton & Ilderton, 1688-1812
  • Parish Registers of Edlingham, 1658-1812
  • Parish Registers of Halton, 1654-1812
  • Parish Registers of Ingram, 1682-1812

Nottinghamshire Registers & Records

Learn more about the English county of Nottinghamshire and its inhabitants with this collection of registers and records. Find your ancestor in parish registers, and learn when and where your ancestor’s baptism, marriage, or burial took place. This collection currently comprises eight publications, including:

  • Highways & Byways in Nottinghamshire, published 1924
  • History of the Parish of Gedling – Including Marriage Registers, 1558-1812
  • Nottinghamshire Marriage Licenses, Vol II Archdeaconry Court & Peculiar of Southwell, 1701-1853
  • Old Nottinghamshire, published 1881
  • Parish Register Transcripts of 24 Parishes Belonging to the Peculiar of Southwell, 1600-1700
  • Parish Registers of Warsop – Extracts with Notes, 1538-1912
  • The Nottingham Date Book, published 1884
  • Thorton’s History of Nottinghamshire, updated by John Throsby, published 1797

British Newspapers

Over 787,000 articles and 17 new titles have been added to our collection of historic British newspapers.

  • Mansfield Reporter
  • Craven Herald
  • Cambridgeshire Times
  • Dereham and Fakenham Times
  • Bexley Heath and Bexley Observer
  • Woman’s Dreadnought
  • Young Woman
  • International Woman Suffrage News
  • Music Hall and Theatre Review
  • Keighley News
  • Horncastle News
  • Military Register
  • Brecon and Radnor Express and Carmarthen Gazette
  • Witney Gazette and West Oxfordshire Advertiser
  • Bicester Advertiser
  • Leicester Guardian
  • Leicester Daily Post


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