New Records Available To Search This Findmypast Friday, June 9, 2017

It is Findmypast Friday here at Abundant Genealogy and we have an update on new records at Findmypast including 5 million WWI draft registrations

Over 10.1 million new records and newspaper articles are available to search this Findmypast Friday, including;

Canada Census 1881

The Canada Census of 1881 records the details of over 4.2 million Canadians. In 1881, Canada consisted of British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Northwest Territories, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, and Quebec. The census began on 4 April 1881 and covered 192 districts broken up into 2,139 sub-districts. Census districts and sub-districts were composed of cities, towns, townships, Indian reserves, and less-defined areas. Areas that were less defined posed a particular challenge to enumerators and resulted in individuals being missed. This was particularly the case for Aboriginal people living in districts 187 (New Westminster, British Columbia) and 192 (Northwest Territories).

Each result will include a transcript and an image of the original census form. Transcripts will reveal where your ancestor was living, who they were living with, their birth year, place of birth and religion. Images, hosted by Library and Archives Canada, will provide additional information such as their Profession, occupation or trade, marital status and infirmities.

Canada Census 1891

The Canada Census of 1891 contains over 4.5 million records. The 1891 census was Canada’s third national census and was taken on 6 April and included 201 census districts and 2,475 sub-districts. Findmypast now has national censuses for Canada from 1881 up to 1911, allowing you to quickly and easily jump back through the generations.

Each result will include a transcript and an image of the original census form. Transcripts will reveal where your ancestor was living, who they were living with, their birth year, place of birth and religion. Images will provide even more additional such as your ancestor’s employer, level of literacy, infirmities and a place of birth for both of their parents.

Lincolnshire, Kesteven Militia Ballot List 1824

The Lincolnshire, Kesteven Militia Ballot List 1824 contains over 6,000 records. The area of Kesteven is a little more than 100 miles north of London. In the 19th century, the militia was organised at the county level and was responsible for the country’s home defence. Members were selected by a ballot system and the names of those deemed eligible for service were then recorded on a ballot list.

Each transcript will reveal your ancestor’s occupation, where they were based and will include a name or names of the local constables – the local parish official responsible for ensuring that the ballot list and muster rolls were complete. Men could be declared as exempt from militia service for a number of reasons and, in some cases, the grounds for exemption is recorded in the notes field of the transcript.

Essex Burial Index 1530-1950

Over 9,000 records have been added to the Essex Burial Index. The Index consists of transcripts created from a variety of both parish and probate sources. Some areas and some time periods have more coverage than others. The new additions span the years 1558 to 1937 cover the parishes of Shrub End, All Saints in Colchester, St Andrew’s in Hornchurch, St Mary the Virgin in Maldon and St Mary the Virgin in Peldon. The entire collection now contains over 201,000 records. Each transcript will reveal your ancestor’s age at death, denomination, marital status, birth year, burial date and burial place.

British Newspapers

11 brand new titles and over 1.3 million new articles have been added to our collection of historical British Newspapers.

New titles now available to search include;

  • Dudley Herald
  • Warrington Guardian
  • Willesden Chronicle
  • Goole Times
  • Weston Mercury
  • Annandale Observer and Advertiser
  • Bridgnorth Journal and South Shropshire Advertiser
  • Pateley Bridge & Nidderdale Herald
  • Fraserburgh Herald and Northern Counties’ Advertiser
  • Isle of Wight County Press and South of England Reporter
  • Eastern Morning News


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