New Records Available To Search This Findmypast Friday, June 30, 2017

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There are over 8.4 million new records are available to search this Findmypast Friday, including:

Canada Census 1861

The Canada Census of 1861 was the last census to be taken in the Province of Canada and records the details of over 2.9 million people. The United Province of Canada was a British colony in North America from 1841 to 1867. The province consisted of Canada West (Ontario) and Canada East (Quebec), although the 1861 census also collected population details for New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island. Unfortunately, the original paper records were destroyed in 1955 following the microfilming done by the Dominion Bureau of Statistics. Each record contains an image of these 1955 microfilms and a transcript of the information recorded. The amount of information listed may vary but most records will reveal where your ancestor was living, who they were living with, when & where they were born, their marital status and religion. Images will reveal a wide variety of additional details relating to the household and its members ranging from biographical details to information about the property and local area.

Canada Census 1871

The 1871 Census of Canada was the first census to be taken in the newly formed federation of Canada and recorded the details of over 3.5 million records. The census covers the 206 districts and 1,701 sub-districts of the four original provinces. Each record contains a microfilm image and a transcript of the information recorded. Records will reveal your ancestor’s age, year & place of birth, origin, marital status, family number and religion. Images will also reveal additional details relating to the household and property.

Yorkshire Parish Registers and Bishop’s Transcripts Browse

Over 11,000 volumes of vital Yorkshire records dating back to 1538 are now available to browse in their entirety. Using Browse is a very methodical approach and can be particularly useful when searching for unknown individuals between a specific date range.

Yorkshire Baptisms

Over 638,000 new records have recently been added to our collection of Yorkshire Baptisms. The new additions cover Sheffield and Yorkshire’s East Riding. Each record includes a transcript and an image of the original document that will reveal where your ancestor was baptised, the date their baptism, the names of their parents and their religious denomination.

Yorkshire Banns

Over 31,000 new records covering Sheffield and the East Riding have been added to our collection of Yorkshire Banns. Each record includes both a transcript and an image of the original document that will reveal your ancestor’s name, place of banns, date of banns, marriage year, residence and the name of their spouse.

Yorkshire Marriages

More than 419,000 new records have been added to our collection of Yorkshire marriages. Search these records to discover when, where and to whom your ancestor was married. Each record includes both a transcript and image of the original document that may also reveal the couples birth years, residence, occupation, marital status, fathers’ names and the names of any witnesses.

Yorkshire Burials

575,000 new Yorkshire burial records are now available to search and explore. As with the new baptisms, banns and marriages, these new additions cover Sheffield and the East Riding. The records will reveal your ancestors age at death, birth year, burial date, and burial place.

Irish Newspapers

Over 155,000 new articles and one brand new title, The Catholic Standard, have been added to our collection of historical Irish newspapers. The Catholic Standard was a weekly newspaper that currently covers the years 1933-1949 and 1951-1957.

PERiodical Source Index update

Over 28,000 new articles covering Ontario, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Missouri, Michigan and Rhode Island have been added to eight existing PERSI titles, including:

  • Families – volumes 10-51 (1971-2012)
  • NewsLeaf – volume 42, numbers 1, 3-4 (2012)
  • Missouri Historical Review – added images to volume 18, numbers 2-4 (1924)
  • Newport Historical Magazine – volumes 1-4 (1880-1884)*
  • Nantucket Historical Association Bulletin – volumes 1-3 (1896-1913)
  • Minnesota Historical Society Collections – volumes 2-7, 9-15 (1860-1915)
  • Michigan History Magazine – volumes 1-7 (1917-1923)
  • Medford Historical Register ­– volumes 1-26 (1898-1923)


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