New Records Available To Search This Findmypast Friday, June 16, 2017

It is Findmypast Friday here at Abundant Genealogy and we have an update on new records at Findmypast including 5 million WWI draft registrations

There are over 730,000 records available to search this Findmypast Friday, including;

Rhode Island Births & Baptisms 1600-1935

Rhode Island Births & Baptisms contains over 378,000 records compiled from a variety of sources including family, church and civil records. Each result will provide you with a transcript of key information transcribed from the original source material. The amount of detail will vary from record to record, but most transcripts will reveal your ancestor’s birth date, baptism year, place of birth or baptism and the names of both their parent’s.

Rhode Island Deaths & Burials 1628-1930

One of the smallest states in the Union, Rhode Island was also one of the earliest British settlements to be established on the continent. Containing over 269,000 records, Rhode Island Deaths & Burials spans more than 300 years of the State’s history and records the details of some the very settlers to be buried there. Each transcript will reveal your ancestor’s birth year, age at death, date of death, their date or place of death, the names of their parents and spouse.

Rhode Island Church Records 1671-1899

Explore over 15,000 records transcripts created from original church records to discover where, how and with whom your Rhode Island ancestors worshiped. Covering several denominations including Episcopal, Baptist, and Protestant, these records will shed light on your ancestor’s religious beliefs and allow you to learn about the community they worshiped with.

England & Wales, Crime, Prisons & Punishment, 1770-1935

The final 68,000 records have been added to our collection of England and Wales, Crime, Prisons and Punishment records. Released in partnership with The National Archives, these rich and varied records contain the details of felons who passed through the criminal justice system in England and Wales between 1770 and 1935. The collection is both vast and varied, containing records that will reveal the exact nature of the individual’s crime, where and when the offence was committed, as well as the sentence they received. Many records also include physical descriptions, petitions for clemency, reports on behaviour, health and education and photographic mug shots. The details of victims and government officials working within the penal system can also found.

The new additions come from five series held by The National Archives at Kew;

  • Home Office: convict hulks, convict prisons and criminal lunatic asylums, quarterly returns of prisoners (Series HO 8)
  • Central Criminal Court: after-trial calendars of prisoners (Series CRIM 9)
  • Home Office: calendar of prisoners (Series HO 140)
  • Home Office and Prison Commission: prison records (Series PCOM 2)
  • Home Office and Prison Commission: male licences 1853-1887 (Series PCOM 3)

England & Wales, Crime, Prisons and Punishment now contains over 5.7 million transcripts, all accompanied by scanned colour images of the original documents, and is the largest collection of English & Welsh crime records available online.


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