New Records Available To Search This Findmypast Friday, July 14, 2017

Over 2 million new military records this week at Findmypast

Over 121,000 new Roman Catholic Parish records covering the Diocese of Westminster have been added to the Catholic Heritage Archive this Findmypast Friday, including:

England Roman Catholic Parish Baptisms

Over 94,000 records covering parishes throughout the Catholic Diocese of Westminster have been added to our collection of English Roman Catholic Parish Baptisms. Each record will include both a transcript and an image of the original document. The amount of information in each transcript may vary depending on the age of the original record, its legibility, and the amount of detail recorded by the parish priest at the time of the event. Images may provide additional information about your ancestor such as the names of their godparents, the minister who performed the baptism, and the parent’s residence. Some registers will even include notes about the individual’s marriage.

England Roman Catholic Parish Marriages

Just under 9,000 additional Westminster records have been added to England Roman Catholic Parish Marriages. Every result will display the original sacramental register and a transcript of the vital details which may vary depending the age and condition of the register itself. Most transcripts will list the couple’s full names, role, the date of their marriage, marriage location and father’s names. Images may reveal additional details about your ancestor’s wedding day such as the name of their witnesses or the priest who performed the service.

England Roman Catholic Parish Burials

New Westminster records have also been added to our collection of English Roman Catholic Burials. Transcripts will reveal when and where your ancestor was laid to rest, the year in which they were born and the year of their death. Images may provide additional information such as their parents’ names or details relating to their burial and plot.

England Roman Catholic Parish Congregational Records

Did your ancestor receive confirmation? Were they a benefactor of their local chruch? Explore more than 16,000 new additions to our collection of Roman Catholic congregational records to discover your ancestor’s relationship with their local Catholic parish.

England Roman Catholic Parish Registers Browse

All of this week’s new additions have also been added to the England Roman Catholic Registers Browse function. The entire collection now contains 756 volumes from the Birmingham and Westminster Archdiocesan Archives spanning the years 1657 to 1907.


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