New Records Available To Search This Findmypast Friday, August 18, 2017

Over 2 million new military records this week at Findmypast

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There are over 7.1 million new records and newspaper articles available to search this Findmypast Friday, including:

Muster Rolls of The Marine Corps

Explore over 1.7 million muster rolls records from the United States Marine Corps spanning the late 1700s up to the end of the nineteenth century. The rolls record the details of men who were serving with the Corps and were chronologically arranged by month and then ordered by detachment or unit. The exception to this is the records pertaining to World War I when they were sorted in two subseries: by posts and stations and by mobile units.

As seen in the column headings on the images of the original records, muster rolls generally include the space to record the following details: name, station, rank, enlistment date, re-enlistment date, desertion or apprehension date, and offence and court-martial sentence.

Buckinghamshire Baptism Index

Search over 870,000 transcripts created from original records held at the Buckinghamshire Archives. Buckinghamshire is located in South East England and is one of the Home Counties.

Baptism records can be a particularly powerful resource for family historians as they reveal the names of your ancestor’s parents, information that allows you to jump back a generation and expand your family tree. You will also discover your ancestor’s birthplace, the date of the baptism, their father’s occupation and residence.

Buckinghamshire Banns Index

The Buckinghamshire Banns Index contains over 101,000 records created from original parish registers and bishop’s transcripts held by the Centre for Buckinghamshire Studies. Banns are a public announcement of a couple’s intention to marry. Banns are performed three times, on three separate Sundays, in the three months before the couple’s wedding day. The existence of a banns record does not confirm that a marriage took place so search the Buckinghamshire Marriage index if you wish to confirm the marriage.

Each transcript will reveal the name of your ancestor’s intended spouse, the couple’s residence, the dates the announcements were read and their intended date of marriage.

Buckinghamshire Marriage Index

Explore more than 485,000 transcripts to find out whether your ancestors were married in a Buckinghamshire parish church. From 1754, members of other denominations were required to register their marriage through the Church of England. Therefore, if your ancestor was a Methodist or Catholic, it is possible you may find their marriage in this index. The index was created from original records found in the Centre for Buckinghamshire Studies. An archive reference on the transcripts will allow you to locate the original image.

Each transcript will reveal the couple’s birth years, marital status, occupation, date of marriage, place of marriage, residence, occupation, father’s names, father’s occupations and the names of any witnesses.

Buckinghamshire Burial Index

Were your ancestors buried in Buckinghamshire? Search over 662,000 transcripts created from original parish registers and bishop’s transcripts held at the Buckinghamshire Archives to find out.

Each record will reveal your ancestor’s birth year, age at death, burial date and residence. An archive reference is also included, allowing you to locate a copy of the original document.

Ireland Calendars of Wills & Administrations 1858-1920

Search over 1 million Wills & Administration records to learn more about your Irish ancestor’s will and estate. Ireland began publishing an annual will calendar beginning in 1858. This calendar typically contained a summary of the will and probate information including the name of the deceased, their address, occupation, beneficiaries, date of death and value of their estate.

The Calendars are an excellent way of uncovering details of principal family relationships and assets of which the person died possessed.

British Newspapers

Over 2.3 million new articles and 7 brand new titles have been added to our collection of historic newspapers this month. New titles now available to search include:

  • Tenby Observer
  • Brechin Herald
  • Milngavie and Bearsden Herald
  • Alcester Chronicle
  • Abergavenny Chronicle
  • Ripley and Heanor News and Ilkeston Division Free Press
  • Eastern Daily Press and the Colchester Gazette

Local newspapers include more than just announcements of births, marriages, and deaths. Local articles include visitors to and from town, legal detailing the settling of estates and land sales, and advertisements.


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