Mother’s Day 2018 Gift Guide – DNA, Genealogy and Family History

Looking for that unique, one-of-a-kind gift for Mom that celebrates family? Are you a Mom that secretly wants to explore your roots and ancestry? Gift-giving and gift-getting ideas for Mother's Day at Genealogy Bargains.

Inspired Mother’s Day Gift-Giving and Gift-Getting Ideas!

Updated Sunday, May 6th, 9:00 am Central

Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 13th and less than a week away! Genealogy Bargains has put together its annual Mother’s Day Gift Guide with a focus on what Moms who are into genealogy and family history want most! We will keep this list updated throughout the week as new deals pop up and watch out for deals that are expiring soon!

Check out these items below and take advantage of special savings coupons and promo codes. Don’t forget to place your order in time for delivery!

DNA Gifts for Mom

Get a DNA test kit from any of the leading DNA testing companies right now at some of the lowest prices of the year!

Buy 2 Kits Get 1 Free OR Take 20% Off* during Mother's Day Sale at 23andMe - "We love mom genes.™ No two moms (or grandmas) are alike but every mom will love this gift." If you purchase two kits and get one free (you can mix and match the Ancestry Service and the Ancestry Service + Health kits), you can save up to 30% of the FULL PRICE ($99 USD Ancestry Service and $199 USD Ancestry Service + Health)!  Don't miss this AMAZING 2-DAY SALE on AncestryDNA - just $69 USD - save 30% A perfect Mother's Day Gift! PLUS save 30% on Gift Subscriptions starting at $69 USD!

Buy 2 Kits Get 1 Free OR 20% Off!
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AncestryDNA just $69 USD!
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 Save $30 CAD on AncestryDNA Canada - just $99 CAD! "AncestryDNA will reveal your unique DNA story, connecting you with ethnic regions around the world. Let your DNA show you the way! SAVE $30 CAD during the Mother's Day Sale and discover your history."   Save up to 28% during Family Tree DNA Mother’s Day Sale!

AncestryDNA Canada
Save $30 CAD on AncestryDNA!
Click HERE

 Family Tree DNA
Family Tree Finder just $59 USD!
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 Save 50% on 3-in-1 DNA test kit at Living DNA during Living DNA Mother's Day Sale  Save $20 USD at MyHeritage DNA - just $59 USD

 Living DNA
Save 50% on 3-in-1 DNA test kit
Use promo code MOMSDAY7
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MyHeritage DNA
MyHeritage DNA – just $59 USD!
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There are even more savings when you purchase these DNA test kits at Family Tree DNA

Also, don’t forget that the mtFull Sequence DNA test, which examines all regions of mtDNA, identifying your maternal haplogroup and migration path. is just $149 at Family Tree DNA! Save $50! Click HERE

Gifts for the Tech Mom!

Techie Moms love gifts that help feed their passion for the latest technology . . . especially when it can help with genealogy research!

 FREE SHIPPING plus Sale on Mother’s Day Collection mobile scanner bundle at Flip-Pal Mobile Scanner!    90% off iDrive automatic online backup: normally $69.50 per year, you get the first year of 2TB cloud storage for just $6.95! Get the latest deals at Genealogy Bargains today, Tuesday, April 10, 2018

 Flip-Pal mobile scanner
Save $15 USD on Mother’s Day
Collection plus FREE SHIPPING
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Save 90% on 2TB Automatic Backup
Storage – just $6.95 USD
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 Western Digital 2TB External Hard Drive at Amazon  Get the best price on the Jumbl 22MP All-In-1 Film & Slide Scanner and finally get your family photos, slides and home movies scanned and preserved!

Western Digital
2TB Portable External Hard Drive
Just $64,99 USD
Click HERE

 Jumbl Slide & Negative Scanner
Scan 7 different sizes
Just $99.99 USD
Click HERE

Gifts to Show Off and Share Family History!

The genealogist in the family often struggles to share off research finds without boring others! Take a look at these easy ways to share and even get the younger generation interested!

 Kids Genealogy Activity Kit - Family Tree Magazine has brought together a lot of kid-friendly genealogy products here to get the next generation interested in genealogy. Timing is great with many schools across the country closing in on summer breaks.  Amazing Mother’s Day Deals on Photo Books at Groupon! As low as $5.00 USD each AND save up to 93%!

 Kids Genealogy Activity Kit
Save 57% – get ready for summer and get the younger generation involved!
Just $59.99 USD – click HERE

Photo Books at Groupon
Save up to 90% on
a variety of DIY photo books!
Click HERE

 Family Tree: The term “family tree” will include many different items on Groupon including personalized canvas prints, family name prints, jewelry, and more.  Klikel Family Tree Displays - a great Mother's Day gift! - If you are looking for a way to use your genealogy research and digitized family photos here is a great idea . . . a metallic family tree display from Klikel. While there are many other companies making similar products, the Klikel line are the best in terms of construction, durability, and design. My recommendation is to get the Klikel Family Tree Frame Display with 10 Hanging Picture Photo Frames priced at just $39.99 USD!

Family Tree Signs
A variety of personalized canvas and wood plaques via Groupon!
Click HERE

Klikel Family Tree Displays
Beautiful bronze tree with up to 10 family photo frames!
Click HERE

Give the Gift of Learning: Books, Webinars and More!

From genealogy books, to video courses and webinars, even a subscription to her favorite genealogy site . . . we’ve got gift ideas and HUGE DISCOUNTS!

 Save 30% on Ancestry Gift Memberships - the PERFECT Mother's Day gift! Strong moms run in her family – and this gift for Mother’s Day can help her prove it  AMAZING SALES TODAY! 30% off AncestryDNA, 30% off Ancestry Gift Certificates, 71% off Family Photo Rescue Kit and more! Get the latest deals at Genealogy Bargains today, Saturday, May 5, 2018

Ancestry Gift Membership
Strong moms run in her family and this gift can help her prove it.
Save 30% – click HERE

 Family Photo Rescue Kit
Save 71% at Family Tree Magazine
Was $173.94 USD, now $49.99 USD
Click HERE MEGA Collection Save 63% at Family Tree Magazine

 Findmypast Membership
Explore British & Irish roots!
Save up to 50% – click HERE MEGA Collection
Save 63% at Family Tree Magazine
Only $89.99 USD – click HERE

Crazy and Fun Genealogy Gifts for Mom

And sometimes Mom just needs to let loose, right? Here is our collection of crazy stuff that just screams SUPER MOM!

 Genealogy Now, Wine Later  Genealogist: You'd Be More Interesting If You Were Dead

 Genealogy T-Shirt
“Genealogy Now, Wine Later”
Just $17.99 USD – click HERE

Genealogy Mug
You’d Be More Interesting
If You Were Dead – Click HERE

 Genealogy Sticker Education is Important Genealogy Is Importanter  Genealogy Mug "God grant me the serenity to accept the ancestors I cannot find . . ."

Genealogy Sticker
Education is Important
Genealogy Is Importanter
Just $15.99 USD – click HERE

Genealogy Mug
“God grant me the serenity to accept the ancestors I cannot find . . .”
Just $19.95 – click HERE

Shipping and Delivery Advice for Mother’s Day

Running late on your gift giving for Mother’s Day? Keep in mind that Amazon has FREE 2-DAY SHIPPING on most items for Amazon Prime members . . . and DNA test kits on Amazon have FREE 1-DAY SHIPPING!

If you have an Amazon Prime membership, click HERE and order your test through Amazon! If you don’t have Amazon Prime, click HERE to get yours before the price goes up on May 11th!


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