Is Your Genealogy Research Your March Madness? My Slam Dunk Solution: MyHeritage

March Madness for genealogy? You bet . . . author and educator Thomas MacEntee muses on the connections between basketball and family history - and has a special 50% offer from MyHeritage so you can make a slam dunk when it comes to your genealogy research!

Thoughts on March Madness, Basketball, Genealogy and MyHeritage

When you think of March Madness . . .  do your thoughts go to college basketball? Or, if you are like me, do you start thinking how crazy genealogy research can be? By time March arrives, I’m already frustrated with my genealogy resolutions that I set in January and I keep telling myself, “There has to be a better way.”

Whether you are new to family history or you’ve been researching your roots for decades, navigating the playing field we call online genealogy isn’t always easy. With billions of new records available, and ways to connect with other researchers (and possible relatives), how can you keep up? Are you like me, half-winded as you make your way down the court and unable to figure out the next strategic move?

A Genealogy Slam Dunk: MyHeritage

I grew up in a small town in upstate New York where the winters were pretty brutal. One of the main social events was high school basketball, with games on Tuesday and Friday nights all over the county. While I’m not athletically inclined, I did learn much of the terminology and rules of the game over the years.

Sometimes I think the way we pursue genealogy and the search for ancestors is much like a game of hoops. Seriously, hear me out . . .

  • You usually have a goal in sight, such as locating a birth record for an ancestor (that’s your Goal).
  • Sometimes you are playing solo and just “shooting hoops” and sometimes you collaborate with other researchers and need help from others (that’s your Team).
  • And as you make that full court press down to the goal, you encounter blocking (that’s your Brick Wall), sometimes you need to pass to another team member (that’s your Query or Lookup), and when you miss you can sometimes make a rebound (that’s your Reasonably Exhaustive Search).
  • Finally, shall we talk about brackets? (Ever notice how a family tree looks just like the NCAA playoff brackets?)

But genealogy is more than just racking up points, and we all know it doesn’t pay to take those wild, half-court shots! The best play is measured and even, with a great team and great resources. I want you to consider making MyHeritage part of your team for genealogy research. If you’re getting the same results using the same online resources (and paying the same high prices), perhaps before you throw the towel in you should adopt a new game strategy.

Do You Really Know MyHeritage?

I always tell new as well as experienced genealogists that there is no “easy point” to be made in genealogy and NO SINGLE WEBSITE will provide easy answers. You need to spend time understanding all the features of a site like MyHeritage and maximize your time spent there.

So, what do you really know about MyHeritage? These are the features I use the most at MyHeritage and the ones that have really helped me with my own research:

  • DNA Matching: MyHeritage has made recent improvements in its DNA Matching technology and I’ve found lots of new matches. And these are in the 1st to 3rd cousin range, not 4th to 6th cousin like AncestryDNA’s matching. Also, I love that DNA Matches allows me to see the surnames I have in common with my matches! Did you know there is NO CHARGE to upload your DNA test data from AncestryDNA and others to MyHeritage?
  • True Worldwide Coverage: This is a big one for me especially as I am working on my European genealogy research. MyHeritage has over 95 million users, 8.9 Billion records from 48 different counties and an online community of users around the world. When I have questions about German archives and records, for example, I know I can get answers from other users on MyHeritage.
  • SmartMatchingwith 40 Million Family Trees: Finds matching profiles in family trees, enabling users to discover new ancestors and relatives, and connect with other users. This matching happens in the background and I am notified via email. It is always exciting to find new ancestors this way!
  • RecordMatching™: This is different than SmartMatching™ mentioned above since it involves automatic matches between people and historical records. I’ve located TONS of new documents I would not have found otherwise thanks to MyHeritage.
  • Record Detective™: Automatically extends the paper trail from a single historical record to other related records and family tree connections on MyHeritage.

Exclusive Offer – 50% Off MyHeritage Complete Plan

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MyHeritage is offering a special discount on its annual Complete Plan price EXCLUSIVELY to friends of Genealogy Bargains. MyHeritage is one of the fastest growing genealogy sites and the best place to build your family tree, with historical collections including billions of records. This special offer will give you EVERYTHING on MyHeritage for the lowest price.

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  • Private family site with unlimited capacity
  • Family Tree Builder software premium edition
  • Start a new tree or import GEDCOM
  • Unlimited photo storage
  • Apps for iPhone, iPad & Android
  • Smart Matches™ with 40 million trees
  • Full privacy control
  • VIP customer support
  • Join 95 million users who have built trees with 3 billion people
  • New: 450,000 historical books
  • Search 8.9 billion historical records
  • Automatic Record Matches
  • Birth, marriage and death records
  • Vital records from 48 countries
  • Military and immigration records
  • 1790-1940 USA Census
  • 1841-1911 England & Wales census
  • 1939 Register of England & Wales
  • U.S. Yearbooks Name Index, 1890-1979
  • Canadian Obituaries
  • More added every month!

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