Genealogy Update for Friday, November 2nd, 2018

Genealogy Update for Friday, November 2nd, 2018 featuring genealogy author and educator Thomas MacEntee of Abundant Genealogy

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Friday, November 2, 2018

This is Thomas MacEntee with Abundant Genealogy and here are the genealogy and family history-related items you need to know for today, Friday, November 2nd, 2018:

DNA Price Wars Start for Holiday Shopping Season

All I can say is “WOW” and I had no idea that the competition among personal DNA testing companies would be so fierce, especially at the start of the year-end holiday shopping season. Holiday sales were announced by 23andMe and AncestryDNA yesterday and just this morning MyHeritage DNA announced amazing deals as well! Here’s a quick review and remember to check DNA Bargains at for details and additional specials including FREE SHIPPING!

  • 23andMe is offering their 23andMe Ancestry Service test kit (the one WITHOUT health reporting), for just $49 USD when you purchase two or more kits. This is a 50% reduction from the normal $99 USD price. Also, the price for just a single test has been dropped to $69 USD and don’t forget that $69 USD price also applies to purchases made on Amazon. And Amazon Prime Members get FREE SHIPPING!
  • AncestryDNA has several promotions going on, the main one being AncestryDNA – the world’s most popular personal DNA test kit – for just $59 USD! What you may not know about are the “hidden deals” including a $69 USD price on Amazon that includes FREE One-Day Shipping for Amazon Prime members; a “Buy 4 Get 1 Free” deal at the AncestryDNA site when you increase the quantity to 4 or more tests; and special pricing for residents of Canada, Australia and the UK!
  • MyHeritage DNA has the LOWEST PRICE currently for a personal DNA test kit which can be used for genealogical research – just $49 USD with NO MINIMUM! In addition, your order qualifies for free shipping when you purchase 3 or more MyHeritage DNA test kits.

Some further observations from me on the state of the personal DNA testing market and some predictions for the rest of the Holiday Season:

  • Family Tree DNA and Living DNA, the other two DNA vendors who make up the “Big 5” in personal DNA testing, have not yet announced their holiday sales. Stay tuned here for the latest news when the sales announcements are made.
  • The AncestryDNA and MyHeritage DNA sales are valid through November 12th and it is likely there will be special pricing for Black Friday starting as early as Friday, November 16th.
  • The 23andMe sale ends November 23rd which means there will likely be special Cyber Monday pricing on or around November 26th. This could include a special one-day only 50% off on the 23andMe Ancestry Service + Health test which has been a traditional sale for several years now. If tradition follows, look for the price to drop from $199 USD to just $99 USD via Amazon.
  • Cyber Monday specials could include bundle pricing (purchasing several test kits in order to get one free or to receive free shipping) as well as special pricing when you purchase a subscription or other item.
  • And what will the last half of November and December bring? I really can’t see pricing going lower than $49 USD, but one of the vendors may surprise us with a one-day flash sale of $44 USD or $49 USD PLUS free shipping! Also as it gets closer to December 25th, look for deals on expedited shipping. If I find out anything I can share, you’ll see it here at Genealogy Update FIRST!

What’s On Sale Today at Genealogy Bargains

Are you familiar with Each day they scour the Internet for new deals of interest to genealogists and family historians. Here are some highlights:

That’s all there is for now in terms of genealogy and family history news. Check back soon for further updates!


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