FRIDAY FREEBIE: Citing Sources and Evaluating Evidence

Genealogy author and educator Thomas MacEntee of Abundant Genealogy shares his tips on how to cite sources and evaluate records when doing family history research.

Confused about source citations? Unclear on how to evaluate a record? FREE Citing Sources and Evaluating Evidence download!

I freely admit to genealogists of all skill level, from beginner to advanced, that I started out as a “name collector” and didn’t employ the best research methodologies. Over the past few years I’ve taken time to study and use different proven methodologies which the genealogy community considers to be “sound.” For me, my personal family history research is an investment and something that I tend to frequently, with love and with care. It is something I want to pass on to others in my family and ensure my family’s legacy. So why wouldn’t I want to take my time and do it right?

This week I’m making available for FREE the handout I use for my popular lecture Citing Sources and Evaluating Evidence. This will give you an overview of how to improve your genealogy research game!

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Why is this handout FREE? What’s the Catch?

There really isn’t a catch.  I give away a lot of free content every year because I want fellow genealogists and family historians to have access to the best tools and information for their research. I also do this because I’m hoping you might be interested in my other content and websites where I do make money such as Genealogy Bargains. Even if you never use one of my links for a purchase, I’m happy knowing that you are able to get educational content that you can put into action for your family history research!

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About the Author

Thomas MacEntee
Genealogy educator and author Thomas MacEntee has been researching his family history for more than 40 years and is the creator of Abundant Genealogy, Genealogy Bargains, DNA Bargains, The Genealogy Do-Over and numerous other web-based genealogy and family history properties.

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  1. Katherine J Bopp | 6 December 2019 at 11:29 am |

    Thank you Thomas for sharing this. May I have permission to share it with the people who had attended the session we had at the Family History Center regarding this? I had gotten permission to share your handout from your Legacy class and this fits in with that. I’ll wait until I hear from you that it is okay before I would share it. Thanks

  2. Deborah Glover,UE | 7 December 2019 at 2:04 am |

    Thankyou so much! GREAT OFFER so appreciated

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