Foundation for East European Family History Studies Annual Conference July 17-21, 2017

The Foundation for East European Family History Studies will be holding its annual conference July 17-21, 2017 in Salt Lake City, Utah

This year’s FEEFHS Conference is one of the most comprehensive to date. It covers not only the Germanic, Russian, and Austro-Hungarian empires and their successor nations but more obscure corners of these empires such as the Balkans and the Baltics. It is the only strictly East European genealogy conference held in the United States. Unlike FEEFHS, all other genealogical societies focus on particular countries or ethnic groups. It is also one of the oldest East European societies, having promoted this field of study in 1992.

The speakers are the highest concentration of East European genealogical expertise available. Some have been researching and working in the field for over twenty years, when eastern Europe finally opened its archives to genealogists. Many have in country experience and most can speak and read multiple languages and archaic scripts.

Best of all, the conference is affordable. The registration cost is a mere $150 (NGS $240, FGS $270). This includes several meals. The hotel rooms are less than a $100 a night. The Plaza Hotel is a two minute walk from the FamilySearch Library. You can participate in a free library orientation. Many speakers are available for personal consultation.

If you have not seriously considered attending please think again. There are a couple of deadlines that will soon pass. The room nights blocked for the conference will be released to the public on June 16. After then, your chances of getting an inexpensive room are only as good as anyone else’s. Early bird registration ends on 30 June.

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