Findmypast’s Catholic Heritage Archive grows again!

Can you believe it? Findmypast adds Baltimore Roman Catholic Parish Records PLUS updates to New York Roman Catholic Parish Baptisms and Marriages!

New Updates to the Catholic Heritage Archive at Findmypast!

[Editor’s Note: We just received this AMAZING update from Findmypast related to new Catholic Parish Records in the US – I have so many Catholic ancestors in New York so I know what I’ll be working on this weekend!]

We’ve added more brand new records to our unique Catholic Heritage Archive and we’re giving you a sneak peek at what’s in store in the coming weeks.

Brand New Records

Church records from Baltimore along with additions to our New York collection, make this a bonanza week for anyone tracing Catholic ancestors in the United States. What’s more, you won’t find these latest releases anywhere else online.

Click HERE to read A guide to understanding Catholic records by Jim Shaughnessy of Findmypast.

Baltimore Roman Catholic Parish Records on Findmypast

Baltimore Roman Catholic Parish Registers

The latest archdiocese to make their records exclusively available through our Catholic Heritage Archive is also America’s oldest – Baltimore.

If your Catholic ancestors settled in the largest city in Maryland, you can now search for their records in four distinct record sets:

Baltimore Roman Catholic Parish Baptisms

Baltimore Roman Catholic Parish Marriages

Baltimore Roman Catholic Parish Burials

Baltimore Roman Catholic Parish Congregational Records

Each record includes an indexed transcript which will reveal vital genealogical information like parents’ names, event year and age. The record images go a step further and could tell you your ancestor’s godparents’ names, ceremony attendees and even if they were a slave.

Search the collection

When searching, use our parish list to establish the exact areas and years covered by this exciting new record collection.

New York Roman Catholic Parish Records on Findmypast

New York Roman Catholic Parish Baptisms

We’ve added over 787,000 more records to our Catholic baptisms from New York. The entire set now contains nearly two million entries and dates as far back as 1785.

Search these records

From the records you can discover your relative’s birth and baptism date, parents’ names and where the baptism took place. The records cover the New York City boroughs of Manhattan, The Bronx and Staten Island, as well as the state counties of Dutchess, Orange, Putnam, Rockland, Sullivan, Ulster, and Westchester.

New York Roman Catholic Parish Marriages

Uncover New York nuptials with over 490,000 new additions to this Catholic marriage collection. Over 200 parishes are covered in these records, which can reveal when and where the marriage took place, both spouses’ names, occupations and residences.

Search these records

For privacy reasons, a 100-year cut-off rule applies for records in this collection. Our useful parish list will help you determine exact year coverage for each parish.


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