DNA Do-Over Topics for 2018

The DNA Do-Over is an on-line, collaborative educational group in which we tackle ONE DNA-related topic with easy-to-understand, non techy language that isn't too scientific. If you've previously tested your DNA but don't know what to do with the results, this group is for you!

DNA Do-Over 2018 Topics

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Here is the list of topics to be covered during the DNA Do-Over beginning in January 2018. As you review the topics please keep these things in mind:

  • This is a curated list based on research of current DNA topics and issues and with the input of DNA expert Mary Eberle of DNA Hunters LLC.
  • The list is representative of core areas of aptitude required for basic successful understanding of DNA testing and how to use it for genealogy research. Your mileage may differ . . . meaning that your specific research projects may warrant different areas of concentration in terms of skill building.
  • Participants and viewers may agree or disagree with the topics or the order of the topics; feel free to add or remove topics that you feel are not relevant to your specific research projects.
  • Each month, a post will appear at Abundant Genealogy covering the DNA Do-Over topics. Posts will include tips, advice and resources. Each week at the DNA Do-Over Facebook Group we will review issues related to the monthly topic via interactive online discussions.

DNA Do-Over Facebook Group and More

An interactive collaborative community for the DNA Do-Over has been created on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/dnadoover/. Those hoping to participate in the DNA Do-Over are encouraged to join. Just like the entire DNA Do-Over program, there is no fee or “upcharge” for this collaborative environment.

DNA Do-Over Topics

Month 1: January 2018:
Downloading your DNA Test Results and Uploading to Other DNA Vendor sites

  • The importance of downloading your DNA test results; file formats; backing up data
  • Uploading your DNA test results to other DNA testing sites – why you should do this and how to do it!
  • Which DNA testing sites allow uploading of DNA test results and which don’t

Month 2: February 2018
Autosomal DNA – What You Can Do with the Data

  • Why testing Autosomal DNA FIRST is important
  • How to determine how much Autosomal DNA you share
  • Determine Autosomal DNA matches and sorting your matches

Month 3: March 2018
Y-DNA, mtDNA and X-DNA Tests – And What You Can Do with the Data

  • What is X-DNA and how to use it to understand Autosomal DNA matches
  • What is Y-DNA and how to use it
  • What is mtDNA and how to use it

Month 4: April 2018
DNA Lingo: SNPs, centiMorgans, and Haplogroups, Oh My!

  • A basic glossary of DNA terminology
  • Breaking down the “science” of DNA and how it can help genealogy research.

Month 5: May 2018
DNA and Relationships: What Can You Believe?

  • Understand the different types of cousins and other relatives
  • Are the relationship categories accurate?
  • Testing multiple siblings
  • Which DNA test can help sort out two possible mothers, fathers, grandmothers etc.

Month 6: June 2018
Connecting and Communicating with DNA Matches

  • The best way to locate matches and the best way to connect.
  • How to get new DNA testers to connect and look for matches.

Month 7: July 2018
Setting Up and Administering DNA Projects; Family Reunions and DNA Testing

  • What is a DNA Family Project and which sites are best for administering large and small projects?
  • How do I get other relatives to do a DNA test?

Month 8: August 2018
DNA and Health Testing – What’s It Worth?

  • What health information can I learn from DNA testing? And is accurate?
  • How can health information via DNA testing impact my descendants and other family members?
  • Which companies offer health testing via DNA tests?

Month 9: September 2018
Using Third Party Tools for DNA (GEDMatch, DNA Gedcom’s DNA Client & Autosomal DNA Segment Analyzer); DNA Education

  • What are the best third-party DNA tools and how do they work?
  • Is it worth paying for a third-party DNA tool?
  • How can I expand my DNA knowledge through education?

Month 10: October 2018
Ethnicity Estimates; Other DNA testing companies and making smart buying decisions

  • Are ethnicity estimates accurate? How far back do they go?
  • Are there certain DNA testing companies to avoid? Are there new DNA testing companies offering new or different services?
  • How to compare DNA tests and shop smart

Month 11: November 2018
Additional DNA Testing – What Should I Do Next?

  • Beyond Autosomal DNA testing – why should I test Y-DNA and/or mtDNA?
  • Should I hire a DNA expert or company to help with my DNA research?

Month 12: December 2018
Privacy and DNA

  • What are the privacy policies for each DNA testing company and how do they differ?
  • How is my DNA testing data being used by DNA testing companies and third-parties?
  • How can I protect my privacy when testing DNA?


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