DNA Do-Over – Month 4 – April 2018

The DNA Do-Over - Month 4 April 2018: DNA Lingo: SNPs, centiMorgans, and Haplogroups, Oh My!

DNA Lingo: SNPs, centiMorgans, and Haplogroups, Oh My!

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DNA Lingo: SNPs, centiMorgans, and Haplogroups, Oh My!

During April 2018, we will cover the following areas of this topic:

  • A basic glossary of DNA terminology
  • Breaking down the “science” of DNA and how it can help genealogy research.

DNA Do-Over Month 4 Resources

This is a developing list and as we discuss this month’s topic we will add to this document and finalize it on April 30th.

  • National Human Genome Research Institute – Talking Glossary: Contains much more scientific terminology than the ISOGG Wiki, but still useful for DNA and genealogy research. Includes audio recordings by DNA experts for each concept!

DNA Do-Over Facebook Group and More

An interactive collaborative community for the DNA Do-Over has been created on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/dnadoover/. Those hoping to participate in the DNA Do-Over are encouraged to join. Just like the entire DNA Do-Over program, there is no fee or “upcharge” for this collaborative environment.


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