Data Privacy Day 2020: How Safe is Your Genealogy Data?

Today is DATA PRIVACY DAY! Have you thought about ways you can improve the security of your DNA, family history, and genealogy data?

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Today, Tuesday, January 28th has been designated as Data Privacy Day. I’ve put together some special deals and freebies related to staying safe online!

FREE! Staying Safe Using Social Media e-Book

FREE! Staying Safe Using Social Media e-Book by Thomas MacEntee – “Social media and its use in finding out more about our ancestors offers many opportunities for genealogists and family historians. In Staying Safe with Social Media: A Guide for Genealogy and Family History, you’ll learn the techniques needed to get the most out of using sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and blogs while at the same time protecting your own privacy and information. The ability to connect with others through the Internet and, namely social media, brings great opportunities, but also issues, complications and problems which can turn a fun journey of sharing into a bad experience. It all comes down to common sense and a formula: education + action + vigilance.”

FREE VIDEO: The Password Trick

What if you could create a different password for every website you used and still remember those passwords? The Password Trick: A Foolproof System to Remember Passwords explains an easy-to-use formula for all your password needs. You’ll have strong passwords that are easy to remember and 99% of the time you’ll get in to the website on the first try! As an added bonus, and so you can see in action how I create passwords, here is a 5 minute video covering the basics of The Password Trick:

FREE Avast Internet Security!


Avast Internet Security is the ONLY virus protection that I personally use on my desktop and laptop computers. I’ve tried Norton, McAfee and all the others – they just seem to “churn” all the time I am trying to do work and slow down my machine! “Lightweight, state-of-the-art protection that won’t slow down your PC. Avast Free Antivirus — Nitro Update now runs a significant portion of its analysis in the Cloud instead of on your PC. It offers proprietary, cutting-edge CyberCapture technology that identifies and stops unknown files, as well as improved Home Network Security, which identifies even more weak points in your router. It also features the world’s most secure browser, so you can shop, browse, or bank safe from hackers and online ads.”

Privacy Screens and Filters

Privacy Screens and Filters are available for desktop and laptop computers as well as mobile devices! Keep prying eyes away from your personal data! VIEW DETAILS

RFID Blockers – credit card sleeves, wallets and more!

“Protect yourself from data thieves who skim & steal your personal financial information within seconds. Avoid wasting hours of cancelling credit cards and anxiety over identity theft. Travel safely & securely with confidence knowing you are protected with our RFID Sleeves & will not be a victim.” VIEW DETAILS

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