AncestryDNA Warns Against DNA Test Kits Sold on Amazon by Unauthorized Resellers

AncestryDNA is warning consumers that it reserves the right to deactivate DNA test kits purchased on Amazon from unauthorized resellers!

AncestryDNA Warns Consumers Against Purchasing DNA Test Kits from Unauthorized Resellers

Right now on Amazon, AncestryDNA test kits appear to be available at a 20% discount, for just $78.95 USD (click HERE to view the listing on Amazon). Over the past few days, the price for AncestryDNA test kits on Amazon has fluctuated from a high of $99 USD to a low of $69 USD (during the recent Family History Month Sale).

Buyer Beware – Is it AncestryDNA Official or a Reseller on Amazon?

If you look closely at the listing, you will see that the DNA test kit is not being sold by AncestryDNA . . . the reseller is “Always Sandy” or “BLUERAYPLANETONLYINE.” Whenever you make a purchase on Amazon you should ALWAYS look at the seller for the product. Remember, you take chances on quality and delivery unless the product is being sold either by Amazon or an authorized seller.

So how does this happen? Here’s my theory: a reseller on Amazon purchases a large lot of AncestryDNA test kits when there is a sale price of $59 USD or $69 USD and then offer them at a price of between $79.99 USD and $82.99 USD on Amazon. For the consumers this appears to be a good price during a time when AncestryDNA is not running an official sale on their site. PLUS there’s free shipping (in most cases) if you have an Amazon Prime Membership.

But do you really know what you are getting? Have you click on the reseller’s name to check their feedback as a reseller which is different than the ratings posted for the actual item?

Warning from AncestryDNA on Amazon

AncestryDNA is warning consumers that it reserves the right to deactivate DNA test kits purchased on Amazon from unauthorized resellers!

Here is the warning from AncestryDNA which has started to appear on listings of AncestryDNA test kits on Amazon sold be resellers:

WARNING: AncestryDNA highly discourages the purchase of our DNA kit from unauthorized resellers. To ensure the best experience and service, please purchase directly from AncestryDNA Official. DNA kits that are fraudulently purchased and then resold through Amazon may be deactivated by AncestryDNA, and may not be eligible for a refund.

If you search for AncestryDNA on Google, you will find MANY different offers, many of them of a dubious nature. It also appears that people are purchasing AncestryDNA during a sale and then reselling on Ebay. Some Ebay consumers have found that such tests are not valid when it comes time to activate the test online – see a recent May 2018 conversation at Ebay HERE.

AncestryDNA Affiliate vs. Reseller

DNA Bargains is an official AncestryDNA Affiliates which is much different than being a reseller. A reseller usually stocks inventory of a product and handles fulfillment on its own or through a third-party. An AncestryDNA affiliate has to be approved by Ancestry, has to abide by strict marketing and disclosure terms, and does NOT stock inventory or handle shipping fulfillment.

DNA Bargains will never post AncestryDNA offers that are from an unauthorized AncestryDNA reseller.

Should You Worry About Counterfeit AncestryDNA Test Kits?

At this time, I’ve not seen nor heard anything about AncestryDNA (or any other major DNA vendor) having their products counterfeited. However, it is your duty as a consumer to always look at ratings, feedback, and to know from whom you are purchasing that DNA test kit.

In addition, for genealogical research purposes, always stick with the “Big 5” DNA test kit vendors: 23andMe, AncestryDNA, Family Tree DNA, Living DNA and MyHeritage DNA.

For more information about DNA test scams, read DNA Tester Beware! Watch Out for These DNA Testing Scams and Sales Tactics here at DNA Bargains.


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  1. Phyllis Hargreaves | 30 October 2018 at 8:45 am |

    How do I find out if the reseller on Amazon is authorized? I ordered a kit and it is being delivered today from “Always Sandy”.

  2. Just curious if Ancestry would process the dna if they did not sell it to the consumer directly. I am sure they could cross reference the kit to determine it. Unless Ancestry sold it directly, how could they be responsible for any possible contamination?

  3. Earlier in the year I purchased about 10 kits from eBay. All were purchased from sellers with 100s of positive reviews, all claimed to be authorized. Three of the kits activated and worked fine. The rest wouldn’t activate and AncestryDNA flat out refused to activate them or exchange the tests. I was able to recoup my losses for three kits thanks to PayPal but took a $320 loss on the remaining kits. It was very disappointing. Ancestry should actively seek out unauthorized sellers and come up with a way to help unsuspecting customers as the sellers still benefit from the sell while the customer is out the money.

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