5 Reasons Why You MUST Scan Family Photos and Home Movies NOW!

Are you too late when it comes to scanning your family photos and home movies? Here are 5 reasons why you need to preserve these items NOW!

Scan and Preserve Family Photos and Home Movies Before It’s Too Late!

I don’t like scaring people when it comes to advocating the preservation of home movies, slides and family photos. But if you’ve been through various situations where you’ve “lost” items due to damage or neglect, then you will understand why I am so adamant about this topic!

Here are my 5 Reasons to Digitize Family Photos, Slides and Movies NOW!

  • Materials degrade and fade over time. This a scientific fact, especially since many of us don’t use the optimal storage techniques in terms of materials, temperature and location. Very often if a film negative gets in contact with a photo or a slide, the difference in materials can cause a chemical reaction and the decomposition begins. You need to scan these items before it is too late!
  • Disaster preparedness. Have you been following all the wildfires and floods here in the United States over the summer? Even a simple home disaster like a flooded basement could ruin your family’s ability to share photos, slides and more. Do you know where your items are stored right now? Are they safe? You’re always protected when you have a digital copy of your family memories!
  • You can’t always “do it yourself”! Don’t we all convince ourselves that we’ll get a scanner and do our own scanning? Well, how is that project coming along? Stop the delay tactics and just consider using a service to finally get the scanning done!
  • Technology to the rescue. There are so many options for digitizing family memories right now that it can be overwhelming. And some of them require advanced computer skills to get it right! Why second-guess and make mistakes that are expensive and time-consuming? Just box the items up, send them out and you’ll get the latest technology used for your photos, slides and film.
  • It’s never been cheaper to digitize your family memories. Seriously, I’ve seen the prices for scanning services drop so much over the past five years. But be careful! Many “fly by night” services do sloppy work, use high-speed scanners, and you basically get what you pay for. Check out the deals below from Larsen Digital and with my exclusive offer I just negotiated with them, you can get 50% off photo scanning, 24% off move scanning and more!

Make this the YEAR! Right now!

Every year, you say the same thing, “I should organize these photos, home movies, etc.. ” Every year, you think the same thing, “I should make copies of these movie reels so nothing is lost or damaged.” Every year, you have good intentions, but it just doesn’t happen.

Larsen Digital professionally saves all your video tapes, movie reels, photographs, slides, negatives or audio tapes onto DVD or to digital.  Larsen Digital is offering discounts until August 31st for Genealogy Bargains readers. Make this the year that you preserving the past for the future.

How Does It Work?

  • First, be sure to use the coupon codes listed below.
  • Visit https://m.slidescanning.com/genealogybargains.html
  • Select the service and complete the PDF form.
  • Then you have 7 more days to send your order to Larsen Digital.
  • This special sale offer has a $20 minimum.

Up to 50% Off Other Scanning Services at Larsen Digital!

Larsen Digital is one of the premier scanning services in the US and preferred by many genealogists and family historians. In addition to the Photo Restoration offer above, you can save on the following services:

Photo Scanning – Up to 50% Off

Larsen Digital Photo Scanning - Up to 50% Off

  • 300 DPI: 30¢ just 15¢ per photo
    Use promo code GB300
  • 600 DPI: 45¢ just 30¢ per photo
    Use promo code GB600

And don’t forget, this offer also includes FREE color correction! Photo size is limited to 8×10″ or as small as 3×5”. In addition, Photos MUST be removed from albums & frames and be ready to scan.

See Photo Scanning details at https://m.slidescanning.com/genealogy/genealogy-bargains-photo-scanning.htmlSale ends August 31st – don’t delay!


Home Movie Film Scanning – Up to 25% Off

Larsen Digital Home Movie Scanning - Up to 25% Off

Movie Film Transfers 8mm, Super8 & 16mm

  • Standard Def 480×720 21¢, just 16¢ per foot
    Use promo code GBsd
  • High Def 1080×190 was 26¢ per foot, just 20¢ per foot
    Use promo code GBhd

See Movie Film details at https://m.slidescanning.com/genealogy/movie-film-transfers.htmlSale ends August 31st – don’t delay!


Photo Restoration – 20% Off

Do you have a cherished family photo in need of a little TLC? Perhaps it has creases or did an ancestor circle people’s heads and write names next to it? Don’t laugh, that’s what my great-grandmother did to all our family photos as she gold older!

Whatever the cause, the experts at Larsen Digital have an EXCLUSIVE OFFER for readers of Genealogy Bargains: get one photo restoration for just $39.99 USD – this is a 20% savings off the regular price of $49.99 USD.

the experts at Larsen Digital have an EXCLUSIVE OFFER for readers of Genealogy Bargains: get one photo restoration for just $39.99 USD - this is a 20% savings off the regular price of $49.99 USD.

I’ve had photos restored at Larsen Digital and the process is SO EASY! You have two options: 1) Scan the photo at 600 dpi or higher and then complete the PDF order form HERE and send it to Larsen Digital. You pay one flat fee and when your restoration is completed, you’ll receive a link to download the image; or 2) you can mail in the original photo with the completed order form HERE and Larsen Digital will let you know when your restored photo is ready to download.

IMPORTANT: Please mention Genealogy Bargains when inquiring about or submitting your photo restoration project! Click HERE to get started! Sale ends August 31st – don’t delay!


Other Scanning Services – Up to 15% Off

Larsen Digital is one of the premier scanning services in the US and preferred by many genealogists and family historians. In addition to the 20% off Photo Restoration offer above, you can save on the following services

Don’t forget that Larsen Digital can scan and/or digitize practically ANYTHING! Including:

  • VHS/Video Tapes
  • Audio Tapes
  • Audio Reel-to-Reel Tapes
  • Vinyl Records
  • Slides
  • Negatives
  • Different film formats

Remember to use the proper promo code (THOMAS10 or THOMAS15) depending upon the service selected. Click HERE and scroll to the bottom of the screen for more information and to get started! Sale ends August 31st – don’t delay!

Why Choose Larsen Digital?

  • All scanning is done in the USA! All work is done in-house in their Utah location.
  • Professional Equipment
  • Free Color Correction
  • Multiple Drop Off Locations (for local customers)

We met up with their customers at RootsTech & this is what they had to say:

Sale valid through August 31st: you must fill out your order form no later than July 31st in order to lock in this special sale price; then you have 7 days to drop off/mail your photos or film to Larsen Digital for scanning/processing.

  • Photo Restoration – click HERE
  • Photo Scanning – click HERE
  • Movie/Film Scanning – click HERE


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